ChargeNanny – The Safe Place to Charge your Phone

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What the Experts Say

Excellent product which will
save lives.
Jennifer Lewis (Firezone)
Fantastic safety device. I think every home should have one.
Alicia Heart (Phone World)
Charge Nanny is something that I will not risk not having. Since I got it I sleep better and safer
Juan Carlos (Roscommon Fire Dept)
no tools required

Simple to install with double sided adhesive pads and optional screw fixings.

safer charging

Built in cable mounts for easy accessibility at all times.

smoke alarm

Smoke and fire detections will alert the smoke alarm and it will sound.

Wake up 100% charged

Where do you charge yours?- Charge Nanny – The SAFE PLACE to charge your phone


5 reasons why you should use the Chargenanny phone holder:

    1. Safety: The Chargenanny phone holder has a built-in smoke alarm that can detect smoke and alert the user in case of a fire, potentially saving lives and preventing property damage.

    2. Convenience: The Chargenanny phone holder provides a convenient place to charge your phone while keeping it secure and easily accessible. You don’t have to worry about leaving your phone on the bed or on the floor, where it could be damaged or pose a tripping hazard.

    3. Versatility: The Chargenanny phone holder can accommodate different phone sizes and types, making it a versatile solution for households with multiple devices.

    4. Durability: The Chargenanny phone holder is made from high-quality materials that are built to last, ensuring that your phone is secure and safe while it charges.

    5. Peace of Mind: With the Chargenanny phone holder, you can have peace of mind knowing that your phone is charging safely, and you are protected from potential hazards like fires caused by overheating phones.

Overall, the Chargenanny phone holder is a reliable and practical device that can provide added safety and convenience while charging your phone.

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